Severe Cut Chain Link

Severe Cut Chain Link

Redefining Security Standards.

The IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link is not just another chain link fence; it’s a leap in security technology. Designed for sites demanding the highest level of perimeter security, the IFI-9 features a 9-gauge, 3/8” mini weave that is the smallest in the world, making it extremely difficult to climb or cut. This elite chain link system, with its terminal pole wraparound, eliminates all exposed bracing, offering a sleek yet impenetrable barrier that far surpasses standard chain link fences in security and durability.

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Unmatched Features of the IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link

  • 9 Gauge, 3/8” Mini Weave: The smallest weave available, providing exceptional strength and resistance.
  • Anti-Climb Design: The unique structure makes it extremely challenging for intruders to scale.
  • Bracketless System: Minimizes weak points and enhances the aesthetic appeal.
  • Customizable to Terrain: Adapts seamlessly to any landscape or terrain.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward, hassle-free setup.
  • Industry-Leading Strength: Recognized as the strongest chain link in the industry.
  • Zero Exposed Mechanical Fasteners: Enhances security by eliminating potential breach points.

The IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link sets a new benchmark in security fencing, combining advanced technology with practical design to offer unparalleled protection.

A Closer Look at Its Superiority

  • Breach Test Results: In a controlled test, the IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link withstood a breach attempt using wire cutters for 4 minutes and 32 seconds, significantly longer than the 33 seconds breach time of standard chain link fences.
  • Enhanced Security: The IFI-9’s design and construction offer substantially more security than traditional chain link fences, making it an ideal choice for high-security areas.
  • Longer Breach Time: The fence takes approximately 9 times longer to breach compared to standard chain link, providing valuable time for security response.
  • Minimalistic Design: The lack of brackets and exposed fasteners not only adds to the security but also gives the fence a sleek, modern look.

The IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link is not just a fence; it’s a formidable barrier against intrusion, setting a new standard in perimeter security.


IFI-9 Severe Cut Chain Link

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American Made,
Veteran Owned

Perimeter Security Solutions was formed in 2018 by CEO Mike Saltijeral. He got his start in perimeter security in the Marine Corps—by learning how to breach it. In Panama and the Persian Gulf War, Mike’s job was to find ways in to high-security locations.

It is that expertise that led him into the fencing business, and to the development of the IFI-12 and IFI-14 fully welded fencing systems, which were each able to hold off expert special forces operators much longer than any other system on the market. Now, he is taking perimeter security into the future with a single goal in mind: create a rapid-deploy, holistic perimeter security system that utilizes cutting edge physical and electronic components to address all manner of threats.

PSS holds several design patents on its barrier system and holds innovation as a central core value.