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With elite ex-military subject matter expertise, PSS provides technology-forward security consulting using state-of-the-art tools and security process.

Security Service Offerings

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

When your site is in need of the most comprehensive, detailed physical security assessment available, the Threat and Vulnerability Assessment (TVA) is the only choice. Over the course of several weeks, our team will utilize photo, video, and 3-D imaging and measurement to produce a report that comprehensively covers every vulnerability discovered, big or small, along with strategies for mitigation or elimination.

Site Security Survey

Sometimes, a new pair of expert eyes is all it takes to assess your site’s security. A quicker and simpler version of the TVA, the Site Security Survey includes a site walk and photography to produce a clear and concise report on the largest vulnerabilities to your site’s physical security. With a turnaround time of around one week, this is the concise option that will deliver on time and on a budget.

CIP Assessment

Security regulations can be extremely complicated. We have the tools to help you navigate them. Our Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Assessment utilizes an approach focused on regulations compliance and emerging threats to help ensure that your site is ready for any required upgrades. Additionally, we are prepared to offer direct recommendations on products and services that will meet your requirements, and can complete the full assessment within a few weeks.

3D Modeling & Reality Capture

We leverage data acquisition tools to create 3D models of sites and facilities to provide unique security insights.

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Aerial Imagery

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Laser Scanning

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