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Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence

Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence

Unmatched Security and Durability

The PSS Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence (IFI-6) is the epitome of security and resilience. Our fences undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of strength and durability. From the IFI 9 Gauge 2” Weave to the IFI-6 Extreme Cut 6 Gauge 5/8” Weave, each variant is designed to withstand various breach attempts, ensuring your property’s safety and security.

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  • IFI-6 Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence: Built to Protect
  • Variety of Gauges and Weaves: From 9 Gauge 2” Weave to 6 Gauge 5/8” Weave, our fences offer a range of strengths and styles.
  • Resistance to Cutting Tools: Proven to withstand penetration attempts from basic wire cutters to more advanced tools like gas-powered saws and grinders.
  • Delaying Tactics: Even when breached, the design of our fences impedes quick access, providing crucial time for response.
  • Visibility and Durability: Our fences maintain visibility while offering unparalleled durability against various breach methods.
  • Adaptability: Suitable for a wide range of environments, from residential to high-security areas.

Choose the IFI-6 for a fence that doesn’t just mark boundaries but actively protects them.

In-Depth Testing for Guaranteed Security

Our fences have been subjected to extensive testing:

  • Wire Cutters and Bolt Cutters: Tests show that our fences can withstand cutting attempts with standard tools, with penetration times ranging from 27 seconds to over 6 minutes, depending on the gauge and weave type.
  • Gas Powered “Quickie” Saw and Battery Operated Grinder: These tests demonstrate the fences’ resistance to more powerful tools, with penetration times varying significantly based on the fence type.
  • Broco Torch Attack: Our fences have been tested against high-intensity tools like the Broco Torch, showcasing their ability to delay and withstand such attacks.

These tests highlight the robustness of the IFI 6 Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence in various breach scenarios, ensuring top-notch security for your premises.

Protect with Confidence!


IFI-6 Extreme Cut Chain Link Fence

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American Made,
Veteran Owned

Perimeter Security Solutions was formed in 2018 by CEO Mike Saltijeral. He got his start in perimeter security in the Marine Corps—by learning how to breach it. In Panama and the Persian Gulf War, Mike’s job was to find ways in to high-security locations.

It is that expertise that led him into the fencing business, and to the development of the IFI-12 and IFI-14 fully welded fencing systems, which were each able to hold off expert special forces operators much longer than any other system on the market. Now, he is taking perimeter security into the future with a single goal in mind: create a rapid-deploy, holistic perimeter security system that utilizes cutting edge physical and electronic components to address all manner of threats.

PSS holds several design patents on its barrier system and holds innovation as a central core value.