Mini Louver

Mini Louver

The Pinnacle of Security and Design

The IFI-12 Mini Louver Perimeter Fence is the epitome of impenetrable, unclimbable, and unstoppable security solutions. This entirely welded, bracket-less system is designed to withstand standard forms of attack, making it nearly invulnerable. The IFI-12 is not just a barrier; it’s a fortress that blends high security with aesthetic appeal, offering 25% visibility and a Thorn-guard system for enhanced protection.

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Key Features of IFI-12 Mini Louver Perimeter Fence

  • Completely Welded System: Maximizes strength and security.
  • Zero Brackets: Eliminates weak points and enhances security.
  • ThornGuard Climb Deterrence System: Adds an extra layer of protection against climbing.
  • Versatile Panel Options: Can be installed with expanded metal panels, palisade pickets, wire mesh, or chainlink panels.
  • Anti-Climb Design: Deters unauthorized scaling.
  • Highest IKE Certification: Recognized for its superior quality and resilience.
  • 25% Visibility: Balances security with visibility.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Available in various colors to suit different preferences.
  • Delayed Breach Time: Provides additional time to respond to security breaches.

The IFI-12 Mini Louver is a testament to advanced engineering, offering unparalleled security in a visually appealing package.

Exceeding Standards and Rigorous Testing

  • Exceeding ASTM F2781 Forced Entry Standards: Surpasses industry benchmarks for preventing unauthorized entry.
  • Adaptable for ASTM F2656 Crash Barrier Standards: Can be modified to meet specific crash barrier requirements.
  • Wind Load Resilience: Capable of withstanding wind speeds of 105-120+ MPH.
  • IKE Certified: Endorsed for its exceptional quality and durability.
  • Powder Coating Excellence: Meets AAMA 2604-2, AAMA 2605-98, and ASTM Standard Guidelines.

Breach Test Results:

  • Two-Person Sledgehammer and Pry Bar Test: Attackers failed to breach the fence within the 15-minute maximum, showcasing its robustness.
  • One-Person Climb-Over Tests: Various scenarios involving ladders, trucks, and cutting tools demonstrated the fence’s resistance to different breach methods, with breach times ranging from 18 seconds to over 7 minutes.

The IFI-12 Mini Louver Perimeter Fence sets a new standard in the industry, combining top-tier security features with an elegant design, making it the ideal choice for locations requiring the utmost in security and aesthetics.

  • Exceeds ASTM F2781 Forced Entry standards
  • Easily modifiable to meet ASTM F2656 Crash Barrier standards
  • Wind load 105-120+ MPH
  • IKE Certified
  • Patent No. US D877,932 S
  • Powder Coating meets AAMA 2604-2, AAMA 2605-98, and ASTM Standard Guidelines

IFI-12 Mini Louver

Impenetrable. Unclimbable. Unstoppable. The IFI-12 is the strongest security solution we offer. This entirely welded, bracket-less system is nearly impervious to standard forms of attack.

This two-person test consisted of each special operator taking turns with a sledgehammer and pry bar. Time began with the first strike of the hammer and ended when the attackers failed to breach within the 15-minute allotted maximum.

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American Made,
Veteran Owned

Perimeter Security Solutions was formed in 2018 by CEO Mike Saltijeral. He got his start in perimeter security in the Marine Corps—by learning how to breach it. In Panama and the Persian Gulf War, Mike’s job was to find ways in to high-security locations.

It is that expertise that led him into the fencing business, and to the development of the IFI-12 and IFI-14 fully welded fencing systems, which were each able to hold off expert special forces operators much longer than any other system on the market. Now, he is taking perimeter security into the future with a single goal in mind: create a rapid-deploy, holistic perimeter security system that utilizes cutting edge physical and electronic components to address all manner of threats.

PSS holds several design patents on its barrier system and holds innovation as a central core value.