The Pinnacle of Secure Access Control

Introducing the AstroSlide, a gate system that redefines secure access. With its innovative design, the AstroSlide is not just a gate but a robust barrier against unauthorized entry. Featuring a dual top rail system capable of supporting over a ton, it stands as an elite security solution. This original AstroSlide design is not only highly functional but also aesthetically pleasing, making it a perfect fit for any high-security area. Its boltless design not only enhances its sleek appearance but also increases its security and durability, making it a formidable barrier against any intrusion.

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Key Features

  • Heavy-Duty Support: Capable of handling weights up to 2,100 lbs, offering robust security.
  • Innovative Top Rail/Track System: Ensures smooth operation and adds an extra layer of security.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with IFI-12, IFI-14, or chain link barrier systems, allowing for a comprehensive security setup.
  • Boltless Design: Enhances both the security and durability of the gate, minimizing weak points.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for various high-security environments, including government facilities, commercial premises, and industrial sites.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Combines functionality with design, making it suitable for locations where appearance is as important as security.

AstroSlide is not just a gate; it’s a statement of security, strength, and sophistication.

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  • Weight Capacity: Designed to support up to 2,100 lbs, making it suitable for heavy-duty security requirements.
  • Top Rail Efficiency: The dual top rail system is engineered for smooth operation and enhanced security.
  • Compatibility with IFI Systems: Works seamlessly with our IFI-12 and IFI-14 perimeter fencing systems, as well as traditional chain link fences.
  • Boltless Construction: Offers increased security by eliminating potential weak points, ensuring long-term durability and reliability.
  • Suitable for Various Settings: Perfect for areas that demand high security without compromising on design and aesthetics, such as luxury residential areas, corporate headquarters, and sensitive government sites.

The AstroSlide represents our commitment to providing advanced security solutions that are both effective and elegantly designed. It’s the ideal choice for locations where security needs to be as visually appealing as it is robust.

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American Made,
Veteran Owned

Perimeter Security Solutions was formed in 2018 by CEO Mike Saltijeral. He got his start in perimeter security in the Marine Corps—by learning how to breach it. In Panama and the Persian Gulf War, Mike’s job was to find ways in to high-security locations.

It is that expertise that led him into the fencing business, and to the development of the IFI-12 and IFI-14 fully welded fencing systems, which were each able to hold off expert special forces operators much longer than any other system on the market. Now, he is taking perimeter security into the future with a single goal in mind: create a rapid-deploy, holistic perimeter security system that utilizes cutting edge physical and electronic components to address all manner of threats.

PSS holds several design patents on its barrier system and holds innovation as a central core value.