Access Control

Access control can be your biggest vulnerability or greatest strength. Our access control solutions combine astonishing strength with simple, easy use. No matter what barrier system you’ve chosen, our various options can integrate with them, and exceed your needs.


AstroSlide Extreme

The AstroSlide Extreme is the single toughest gate we offer. With a maximum weight of three tons and a track so efficient that it can be operated by hand with ease, you can be confident that your site is both secure and accessible as needed.




The original AstroSlide design utilizes a dual top rail capable of carrying over a ton. This design can easily be integrated with any of our barrier systems, and features a boltless design that helps increase security and durability.



AstroSlide CL

The AstroSlide CL combines the AstroSlide’s track system with an aluminum box frame to produce a gate that integrates smoothly with any chain link system. With a weight capacity of over a ton, you can be confident that your gate is as strong as the rest of your chain link fence.



Personnel Gate

  • Integrates with IFI-12 and IFI-14 barrier systems

  • No exposed hinges

  • Integrates with any electronic systems in fence

  • Biometric lock standard